Visit Are You Eligible? To Review The Experience Requirements For AICP Certification, Download The AICP Certification Guide, And Use The Eligibility Pre-Check Resources Designed To Help You Understand How Your Experience Fits Into AICP Certification.


When Preparing To Test, Confirm You'll Abide By The AICP Code Of Ethics, Agree To The Certification Agreement, And Schedule Your In-Person Or Online Remote Appointment To Test For The Upcoming AICP Certification Exam With Prometric.

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STEP 2: TEST ($0)

See APA's Tips For Exam Preparation And Links To Resources To Help You Succeed. Passing The Exam Earns You The AICP Candidate Designation To Use Until You Successfully Complete The Three Steps To Achieve AICP Certification. Exam Results Do Not Expire So You Can Take Any Amount Of Time To Obtain Your Experience. The AICP Candidate Designation Will Distinguish You And Can Be Leveraged With Your Employer.

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STEP 3: APPLY ($255)

After Passing The AICP Exam And Earning The Required Amount Of Professional Planning Experience, Submit Your Education And Employment Verifications, And Demonstrate Your Experience Meets The AICP Definition Of Professional Planning Experience. Download The Experience Assessment Template To Review The Professional Planning Experience Requirements For Certification.

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Certification Cycles

There are two windows to begin the certification process, in the spring and in the fall. For the updated cycle information visit APA National's website. 

Financial Assistance

Many employers support their employees' professional advancement by paying for some or all of the costs associated with earning certification and belonging to AICP. Does yours? Before you ask your employer for this financial assistance, download a helpful flyer with information to support your request.

APA offers a diversity scholarship to help defray the costs and to help diversify the membership in AICP. Visit our Exam Scholarship page to learn more and to access the study material reimbursement program offered by APA Nebraska.

Prepare for the Exam

Visit APA National's page with Tips for taking the exam. This page has the exam content outline which is where you should begin mapping out your study plan. Plan to study most in areas your knowledge is weakest and don't spend too much time on areas where the percentage of the exam is low. You should know the content but there will be fewer questions covering that topic area. Tip 3 on their page has linked video recordings covering each of the exam topic areas and are a great resource. Other resources not on this page include:

The Booked on Planning Podcast: Year one of the show covers all the books on the AICP exam recommended reading list in 30-60 minute episodes. The Very Unofficial AICP Study Guide Podcast: This show covers many of the topics areas and has about 36 episodes out. The Florida Chapter has great resources on their page and have made available recorded versions of their study sessions from a previous year. They are typically open to other chapter members joining current virtual study sessions as well.