Our Chapter

Introduction, Mission, and Vision

Welcome to the Nebraska Chapter of the American Planning Association. APA Nebraska is a professional organization representing practicing planners, government officials, and citizens involved with urban, regional, and rural planning issues within the State of Nebraska. APA Nebraska strives to be your source for Nebraska planning information, networking, news, and professional development opportunities.

Mission and Goals

Our Mission

To better the communities and Chapter members of Nebraska by:

  • Increasing the awareness of planning and its impact upon people;
  • Advocating the development and implementation of sound planning principles; 
  • Training community leaders to utilize the planning process and develop professionals; and 
  • Creating value, engagement opportunities, and benefits for our members.

  • To increase the planning expertise of professional planners
  • To increase planning expertise of planning officials and citizen planners
  • To support planning students and planning education programs in Nebraska
  • To increase the impact and visibility of planning in Nebraska communities including cities, villages, and counties
  • To increase the involvement of planners in Nebraska Chapter activities
  • To cooperate with affiliated groups and professions (AIA, Nebraska GIS/LIS, NPZA, Nebraska Lied Mainstreet and similar groups) to educate members of those groups about planning and planning-related activities
  • To maintain and enhance the relationship between the APA Board, AICP Commission, CPC, Divisions and other National entities of APA.
Stay Current in the Planning Field

Membership allows you to receive, notices of up-coming conferences and special mailings produced by the Chapter. The Chapter will keep you at the top of your game with state-of-the art knowledge in planning. Advance your professional expertise through local and state planning workshops and events, the annual state and national planning conferences, and AICP certification and Advanced Specialty Certification.

Make a Difference at the Capitol

Unite with other planners in one powerful voice introducing and influencing legislation to shape planning in Nebraska. Our members have been very effective in bringing APA Nebraska's planning expertise to the Capitol, and our legislative agenda and planning principles to law.

Network with Other Planners

You're not in this alone. Other planners across the state and in your local area share the same planning issues as you. Don't reinvent the wheel. Find out how others are dealing with your challenges. Make new friends who share your interest in planning. Employers are looking for smart APA members at APA conferences, APA local events. Nebraska APA will keep you up to date using social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Find and Keep the Good Jobs

Let your current employer know you take your job seriously. Prospective employers regularly attend APA conferences and events searching for sharp APA members to join their firms and agencies. Most consultant firms and numerous planning agencies prefer AICP-qualified planners.