Nebraska Chapter Annual Awards

Nomination Process

The nomination period for the 2023 APA Nebraska Chapter Awards ends February 2, 2023 at Noon.

  • All nominations must be submitted via email to Please refer to each award category for specific criteria.
  • A plan, project, program, tool, process, report, or ordinance may only be entered once per year.
  • An individual may submit more than one nomination, but may not submit the same plan or project in multiple award categories.

Eligibility and Information

Any plan, project, program, tool, process, report, or ordinance must have been published, implemented, or completed within three (3) years of the date of submission except for the Implementation award category. See the nomination packet below for the form and application information.

Award Rules and Categories (2023)

Award Application Form (2023)

Who Can Enter?

  • Individual recipients are ineligible to receive the same award for 10 years after acceptance.
  • Members of the APA-Nebraska Board of Directors are not eligible to enter or receive individual awards.
  • Nonmembers of APA are excluded from submitting a nomination for the Distinguished Leadership Award for a Professional Planner category.

Application Materials

Requirements for submission for an APA-Nebraska Chapter Awards are the same as the National APA awards requirements with a few exceptions. This was done to encourage submission of the nomination for the National Award Program.

All APA-Nebraska Chapter nominations must be submitted via e-mail. Nominators will receive a confirmation e-mail when the nomination is processed.

There is no entry fee.

Each nomination shall include the following for each award submittal:

  • Application Form.
  • Word Document Narrative. Applicants must submit how the entry satisfies the award criteria (maximum of 200 words per each item under category criteria). Be as succinct as possible. Emphasize results, innovations and the outcomes of planning.
  • PowerPoint Slides. Applicants must submit at a minimum three slides (maximum ten) on the provided PowerPoint APA template. The slides will be used at the presentation if the project is selected for an award.
  • Supplemental Materials. This includes the final plan document(s), reviews of the effort, analysis of results, newspaper clippings, editorials, websites, etc.
  • OPTIONAL: Letters of Support. Up to five (5) letters are permitted. Letters may not be written by the nominator of the submission, by the nominated individual, or anyone who directly worked daily on the project. Letter(s) from chapters, divisions, members, and other stakeholders involved with the subject of the nomination are strongly encouraged.

Narrative Answers Form (2023)

Powerpoint Slides Format

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