About the Board

Every two years, APA Nebraska members elect four individuals to serve as Chapter President, Vice President/PDO, Treasurer, and Secretary. The current term is from January 2022 through January 2024. Other members of the APA Nebraska Board of Directors include Past President, NPZA Liasion, Allied Professionals Liaison, Student Planning Association of Nebraska Liaison (SPAN), and UNL Planning Faculty Liaison.

APA Nebraska 2022-2024 Executive Board


Jeff Ray, AICP

11717 Burt Street Ste# 210
Omaha, NE 68154

The role of the President includes:

  • Lead Meetings: Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and the membership, sending notification of meeting dates and times and any agendas and meeting minutes

  • Strategic Planning: Be responsible for, or oversee the preparation, adoption and implementation of the Strategic Plan by the Vice President and Secretary.

  • Oversee Committee Formation: Have the power to create, appoint and discharge all Chapter committees unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws.

  • National Representation: Represent the Chapter on the APA National’s Chapter President's Council (CPC), at all National APA functions, and on the NPZA.

  • Spokesperson: Be the official spokesperson for the Chapter in regard to policy issues, Chapter positions, and public affairs matters.

  • Signatory: Accept grants and execute contracts and agreements when authorized by the Executive Committee for the purposes of the Chapter.

  • Appointments: Make appointments to various committees, vacant board positions, and the Professional Development Officer.

  • Maintain Membership List: Maintain, with the assistance of APA, an accurate and complete list of the members of the Chapter (APA and Chapter Only), their addresses, telephone numbers and other relevant information, and assist the Treasurer in distributing dues and assessment notices and for the purposes of notifying membership of chapter activities.

  • Perform other duties required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.

Chapter Vice President/PDO Officer

Stephanie Rouse, AICP


555 S 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

The role of the Vice President includes:

  • Annual Report: Under the supervision of the President, prepare the Chapter’s annual report, work program and budget for approval by the Executive Committee at the end of the calendar year

  • Communicate with Membership: Communicate with the membership through monthly e-blasts and other announcements as necessary.

  • Leadership Backup: In the absence of, or in the event of incapacity of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President for the time period for which the President is incapable of carrying out the duties of the office.

  • Website Maintenance: update the website monthly with meeting minutes and any other content updates necessary such as events, chapter award calls, etc.

  • Email Management: Routinely check the email account, ensuring quick responses to inquiries or forwarding of emails to the correct board member or committee member to respond.

  • Perform other duties required by these Bylaws or customary to the office.

The role of the PDO includes:

  • Liaison to Committees: Be a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)and serve as a liaison to the AICP Commission and to the National Planning Accreditation Board when necessary.
  • Educate: Work with the vice president to promote professional development, continuing education and training opportunities for Chapter members.
  • Newsletter Committee Chair: Serve as a member and advisor to the Newsletter Committee, ensuring newsletters are delivered to the vice president on time for January, April, July, and October release.
  • AICP Exam Coordination: Coordinate AICP exam preparation opportunities and ensure communication about upcoming exam opportunities and scholarships are sent out in e-blasts
  • Certification Maintenance Credits: Work with the President and Executive Committee to program AICP Certification and maintenance activities for the Chapter, other agencies, and the annual conference.
  • Serve as a member of the Conference Committee: The PDO shall serve as a member of the conference committee to coordinate certification maintenance credits and assist with session selection.

Chapter Secretary

Kristen Ohnoutka, AICP


The role of the Secretary includes:

  • Maintain Meeting Minutes: Record, prepare, distribute and report minutes of Chapter and Executive Committee meetings.
  • Coordinate Elections with APA: Transmit to the Executive Director of APA, Chapter President and the Chapter President‐Elect a list of all Chapter officers (including their addresses and telephone numbers) within 10 days of their election.
  • Bylaw Coordination: Coordinate with the President to submit to APA proposed Bylaws or Amendments as required by the Bylaws of APA National.
  • Chapter File Maintenance: Be responsible for the maintenance of Chapter correspondence files, including assistance to other officers and committee chairpersons in the preparation and distribution of Chapter correspondence and publications.
  • Chapter Sponsorship Program: coordinate with board members to ensure chapter sponsors receive their benefits throughout the year, work with treasurer to manage the renewal process beginning in November, and solicit feedback for program improvement.
  • Perform such other duties required by these Bylaws, or assigned by the President or Executive Committee, or customary to the office.

Chapter Treasurer

Jesse Poore, AICP

200 S. 21st Street, Suite 250
Lincoln, NE 68508

The role of the Treasurer includes:

  • Manage Funds: Receive and disburse Chapter funds and record such transactions according to generally QuickBooks or other software agreed upon by the Executive Committee

  • Collect Dues and Payments: Collect chapter dues and assessments not collected by the National APA office and maintain individual membership dues records.

  • Provide Annual Budget Information: Provide budget information to the Vice President for the annual report.

  • Monthly Budget and Financial Statements: Prepare appropriate and relevant financial and budget reports (including a balance sheet and income statement) for monthly meetings of theExecutive Committee reflecting the current, comparative and projected financial and budgetary position of the Chapter and its programs.

  • Financial Records Management: Maintain and manage accounts and financial records of the Chapter, which shall be open to inspection by Officers and the Executive Committee and shall be audited at the close of each treasurer's term by either an outside CPA approved by the Executive Committee or an audit committee established by the President.

  • Financial Reporting: Provide financial information to the offices of National APA as required for Federal non‐profit corporation reporting on a quarterly basis and on an annual basis file the required paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service to maintain the Chapter’s non‐profit status.

  • Perform such other duties as required by these Bylaws, or as assigned by the President or the Executive Committee or as is customary to the office.

Past Chapter President

Bruce Fountain, AICP

8116 Park View Blvd
La Vista, NE 68128

Past President serves as an at-large member of the Board and presides at meetings if the President is absent.